For a More Secure Economic Outlook, Go Platinum!

In today’s market where huge and already well-known corporations rule the game, it is often difficult for those just starting off their businesses. Competition is the driving force of the economy, yet sometimes small and medium business enterprises are left out of the loop. With Platinum Rapid Funding Group (PRFG), the playing field becomes more level as small and medium-sized businesses are given support. PRFG is essentially a merchant cash advance company which lends working capital for entrepreneurs in start-ups. The group is relatively new, having been established only in 2012, yet it has successfully sought rapid alternative financing for its partners. The platinum family has grown over the years, gaining prominence for the positive waves it has created in the economy. This success is largely due to the company’s solid executive team, headed by CEO Ali Mayar.

PRFG has championed a unique business model which has allowed the group to build a strong and healthy financial expansion evidenced by its increasing number of partners. Partnering with platinum ensures lower than average default rate of 5%, expert insight into the industry, a solid workflow procedure which allows for fast decisions and turnarounds, and in-house renewal and collection departments. Whether you are a merchant looking for working capital, or an investor, choosing Platinum is the better choice for you and your money’s future. Application is easy too! You can check out their website to find out about needed requirements.

For investors, partnering with Platinum is a win on both sides. PRFG is figured to have an annual growth rate upwards of 20%. The group is truly redefining the way business is done, and is paving the way in providing an alternative to traditional sources of capital. This is an advantageous relationship as the company itself is seeking to grow its portfolio as it experiences a significant increase in deal flow. Perhaps it is right to consider it a safe investment, especially with its low default rate.

Platinum, along with its executives, are truly treading on a more sustainable path towards economic growth and expansion. Partnering with PRFG means growing alongside the company given that the group itself is also expanding its horizons. You are truly in for a beneficial and equally-advantageous relationship. Such companies are innovations to adapt to changing needs, which is the norm for survival when faced with competition. Platinum has been standing its ground for four years and it continues to build alliances and partners. So, go platinum!